The Project [theatre] doesn't perform in theaters. Creating experiences ranging from one-night only pop-up events to full productions with multiple performances, The Project [theatre] is Miami's first and only site-specific, immersive theatre company. From conception through production, The Project creates one-of-a-kind experiences, allowing you to become part of an exciting, fictional world where anything can happen. Audiences experience venues in our full 360 degree productions, interacting with the spaces, and enjoying stories told through a marriage of live action, technology, and environmental elements. We are constantly creating stories about our Miami community, looking to tell the tales of the Magic City in unique and iconic spaces. Come and see for yourself what makes Project shows such a unique and exciting experience. Follow us on social media and join our mailing list to be the first to know about upcoming events.
[mission]  The Project [theatre] is redefining the theatrical experience. We ignite a new generation's thirst for live theatre by blurring the line between spectator and spectacle. We are dedicated to producing new and relevant works that plug you in and immerse your senses- providing an unforgettable experience worthy of your next status update. We educate and foster young artists and encourage social awareness within our community. We pledge to remain affected by our environment and to never stop evolving.
Gladys Ramirez [producing artistic director] Elayne Bryan [executive producing director]

We tell stories.

Do you have a space that has a story of its own, or a blank space looking for a story?  Please contact us regarding past shows, current programming, and our vision for the future. Step into our office...lets talk.

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